26 May 2022

NESS Super Pty Ltd is the Trustee of NESS Super, an industry super fund with over $1bn in funds under management (FUM), formed in 1987 to provide super benefits for electrical contracting, communication and associated industries.

The Trustee Board is currently comprised of two (2) Employer Directors, two (2) Member Directors and one (1) Independent Director.  The Board is looking to add a second Independent Director.

Expressions of Interest are sought to fill the position of the Independent Director on the Board of NESS Super Pty Ltd, for an initial term of appointment of 4 years.

The successful candidate is expected to possess the following attributes:

  1. Strong risk management, compliance, and legal experience;
  2. A proven track record of contribution of effective strategic decision making;
  3. A strong understanding of superannuation and its regulatory environment;
  4. Financial and risk management skills, including an ability to Chair the Board’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee;
  5. A strong record of operational experience in the financial services industry;
  6. Corporate governance experience;
  7. Committee Chair experience, as it is expected the successful candidate will chair the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.

As a director you will be required to attend Board and Committee meetings as well as attendance at and contribution to strategic planning sessions and professional development activities.

A Director fee will be payable.

Applications for this position are to be sent to


Independent Director Position Description



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