5 March 2022
The Russia invasion of Ukraine that began on 24 February has resulted in heightened geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility.  NESS Super is monitoring the situation closely and has built the various investment options to weather challenging market environments such as the one we are seeing today. The NESS Super investment portfolios have had strong positive returns since the beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020 and remains near recent high levels. Although further conflict escalation could weigh on markets in the short-term, any de-escalation will likely lead to a quick recovery. NESS Super is positioned in a balanced manner to reduce downside risk and participate when markets recover. Direct exposure to Russia in the NESS MySuper investment option is less than 0.07% and is in the process of being reduced entirely to 0%.

We believe all NESS Super investment options are performing in-line with expectations and are being managed effectively to maximise long term benefits to members. We will continue to monitor and manage the situation closely but are maintaining positioning near strategic long-term targets with the expectation of earning returns above stated objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible for members.


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