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About Us

NESS Super, ABN 72 229 227 691 (the Fund) was established in 1987 by electrical industry representatives to specifically service electrical contractors and their employees. The Fund has evolved to represent workers in all electro-technology industries, including cablers, electrical, communications and electronic technicians. From 2014, the Fund became a public offer fund, which allows the Fund to accept members from outside of our industry.

NESS Super is a non-profit organisation that does not pay commissions. All earnings, less a small Contingency Reserve, go to members every year.

The Trustee

NESS Super Pty Ltd ABN 28 003 156 812 (the Trustee) is the Trustee of NESS Super. The Trustee is responsible for managing the Fund. The Directors of the Trustee company are nominated by the Electrical Trades Union NSW (ETU) and the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). The members are represented by the ETU directors and the employers are represented by the NECA directors. There is also one independent director.

For more information on the current Directors, see our Director’s page.

Made for you

We design our super products for the electro technology industry. We understand your industry and the work you do. We also offer a pension when you’re ready to retire.

Protecting you

We offer affordable insurance cover to protect you and your family, including Death, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), and Income Protection (IP) cover.

Investment Options & strong performance

We offer seven (7) investment options to choose from and aim to deliver strong long-term investment performance to help your super grow.

Lower fees for you

Our administration fees are among the lowest in the industry. The less you pay in fees, the more you’ll end up with.

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Locate and combine all your super into your one account.

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Download forms and guides to help you manage your super.

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