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The names and ABN’s of our material service providers are:

Material Service Provider ABN Service Provided
Australian Administration Services Pty Ltd 62 003 429 114 Administrator
JANA Investment Advisers Pty Limited 97 006 717 568 Investment Consultant
 NAB Asset Servicing 12 004 044 937  Custody 
Professional Financial Solutions Pty Ltd 84 096 646 178 Compliance and Risk
Management Consultant
KPMG 51 194 660 183 Internal Auditor
 The Superannuation Clearing House Pty Ltd  15 086 576 721 Employer Clearing House 





Registers at 28 March 2017

Conflict of Relevant Duties:   Relevant Duties as of 1 August 2017

Conflict of Relevant Interests: Register of Relevant Interests at 1 August 2017

Registers at 30 June 2014

Conflict of Relevant Duties: Register of Relevant Duties

Conflict of Relevant Interests: Relevant Interests Register


Notice date Nature of event or change Impact of the change
 19 May 2017  NESS Super SEN 19 May 2017  Tax treatment for TTR members and Changes to fees and charges for all pension members.
26 May 2014   NESS Super SEN 26 May 2014
Changes in Insurance Premiums
28 March 2013 NESS Super Insurance changes 28 March 2013 – Spouse Members_FinalNESS SUPER Booklet_MySuper notice Spouse members Introduction of MySuper Investment OptionIntroduction of TPD for Spouse members
28 March 2013 NESS SUPER Booklet SEN 28 March 2013 Introduction of MySuper Investment OptionIntroduction of Total and Permanent Disablement BenefitsInsurance changes at 1 July 2013
22 August 2013 NESS Super Pension SEN 22 Aug 2013 Changes to fees and charges
26 August 2015 NESS Super Pension SEN 26 Aug 2015 Changes in the Investment Options, fees and costs, frequency of switching and ability to nominate when pension payments commence.