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Combine your super

Introducing our new over-the-phone consolidation service 

It’s now easier than ever to combine your super accounts with our new over the phone consolidation service.

With one call, you can consolidate your other superannuation accounts into your NESS Super account. There’s no cost and the service is available from Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm (Sydney Time).

Before your combine your super accounts, make sure you read the Tips before you Transfer about the important things to consider.

Get started now!

To get started you’ll need to:

  1. Find the details of your other super accounts, including the fund name and your membership or account number. You can usually find these details on your benefit statement.  Alternatively, you can register a MyGov account and search for your other super by linking your account to the ATO.
  2. Call us on 1800 022 067 between 8am – 8pm (Sydney  Time), Monday – Friday and our friendly staff will help you combine your super accounts.

Once the transfer from your other superannuation funds has been made to your NESS Super account, we will be in touch to confirm the value of the funds transferred.

Having your super in the one place makes sense

Most Australians have more than one super account. But having multiple super accounts makes it much harder to stay on top of your super. It also means you are paying multiple sets of fees. These can add up to thousands of dollars over your working life, meaning less for you when you retire. NESS Super accepts roll ins from other funds as a free service for members.

Tips before you transfer

Before you request a roll in from another fund we suggest you:

  • Track down all your super.  At NESS Super, we make it easy.  We can conduct a search of the ATO databases to locate any amounts in your name.  If you are interested in this free service, we will need your authority via the Supermatch Authorisation Form.
  • Check if you will be charged exit fees. Some funds charge exit fees when you leave them. Remember to check with your other fund before rolling over your account balance.
  • Review your insurance arrangements. You may have insurance with the fund you’re leaving and you will lose this cover if you leave. In many cases NESS Super may be able to transfer the cover you have through your previous arrangement without requiring medical evidence, but please call us to talk about this before taking any action. You can also apply for your insurance to be transferred by completing and returning a Transfer My Insurance Details form.  Make sure you complete Section 2 of the form.
  • Consider getting financial advice before consolidating your account. You should consult with a suitably qualified person before making any financial decisions.  Now might be also good time to review your retirement planning and insurance arrangements. NESS Super’s partner, Link Advice, can help with this.

You can roll super from other funds into NESS Super using the Transfer into NESS Super flyer via Member Access or the Consolidate My Super into NESS Super form.