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I’ve got a family

It’s a good time to take a look at your super

Make sure you have the right level of insurance

When you’re responsible for other people’s financial wellbeing, it’s important to have adequate insurance should something happen to you.

NESS Super offers cover for Death (including Terminal Illness), Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Temporary Salary Continuance (TSC). As a NESS Super member you receive a default level of cover, but if you have a family relying on your income you may need to apply to increase your cover.

You can apply for an easy upgrade of one unit of Death cover when you experience specific life events such as buying a house, getting married or having a child, without having to provide medical evidence (conditions apply). You can also apply for optional additional Death, TPD and TSC cover or for optional Long Term Salary Continuance Cover. Find out more about NESS Super insurance cover options.

Think about who you would like to receive your Death Benefit if you die

You can choose the person you would like to receive your death benefit. You can make a Preferred Beneficiaries Nomination telling the NESS Super Trustee your wishes but leaving the Trustee with the discretion regarding beneficiaries, or you can make a NESS Super – Members’ Binding Death Benefits Nomination Form, which requires the Trustee to follow your wishes when a benefit is paid on death (conditions apply).

Save on health insurance

As a member of NESS Super, you also get a great deal on private health insurance though nib. If you’re thinking of getting cover for your family – or want to compare premiums – talk to nib. Find out more.

Boost your super

The earlier you start contributing to your super, the less you need to contribute overall (to get to the same savings target). Even if money is tight, it’s worth thinking about ways you could make even small contributions to your super.

The Super Guru website shows you how to boost your super by making only small changes to your budget.

Take advantage of cheaper banking

As a NESS Super member you can access discount banking, personal loans and personal and home loans through ME Bank. ME Bank is a licensed bank owned by Australian industry funds. Find out more.