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Target net investment return To outperform CPI + 4% per annum over rolling 10 year periods (after fees, costs and tax)
Indication of level of short-term volatility in performance High
To have no more than 4-6 negative annual returns over any 20 year period

Risk profile

Between 80% and 100% is invested in a range of Australian and international shares, Growth Alternative Assets and property.

It may experience more short-term volatility than any other option. It’s likely to suit you if you feel comfortable accepting short-term volatile returns in order to achieve higher capital growth in the long term.

Asset allocation

Aggressive_Pension_Pie_2 Australian_shares_key_dot Australian Shares 46% 30%-60%
International_shares_dot International Shares 33% 15%-45%
Property_dot Property 10% 0%-20%
Growth_alternative_dot Growth Alternatives 11% 0%-30%
Fixed_interest_dot Fixed Interest 0% 0%-20%
Cash_dot Cash 0% 0%-15%
Defensive_akt_dot Defensive Alternatives 0% 0%-15%
Note: the performance of investment options is not guaranteed. The value will rise and fall due to the performance of investment markets.