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eNewsletter – Spring 2014

Welcome again to the latest edition of the NESS Super EmployerNews eNewsletter. We trust that this electronic version of EmployerNews provides you with an easy to read and informative summary of what’s happening at NESS Super and superannuation in general. Please let us know what you think, we welcome your feedback. From all of us here at NESS Super, happy reading!

The Superannuation (Super) Standard Choice Form has been updated….download your copy

The Super Standard Choice Form has been recently updated by the ATO for the SuperStream requirements for employers. Please note that this form replaces forms previously issued by the ATO.

To access and download the latest Super Standard Choice Form, with the NESS Super details pre-completed, please click here.

Please note that the form includes the NESS Super details on the last page (Section B, point 7), so all you need to do is update Section B, point 6 with your employer details then print or download the form and utilise as required.

It’s super important to keep your employee records up to date 

Keeping your employee records and details with NESS Super updated is important as it allows us to maintain current account and contribution details for employees with NESS Super. This is particularly important for previous employees who are no longer in your employment and not expected to make future super payments to NESS Super.

In order to update your employee details (especially employees that have left your employment), please login to EmployerAccess by clicking here and update your employee details online.Alternatively, you can contact us on 1800 022 067.

The NESS Super Member Statements are due out shortly… 

The 2014 Annual Member Statements, covering the reporting period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 are due out to members shortly. This means that your employees, who are NESS Super members, may have questions about their NESS Super membership or super in general. We can assist with a NESS Super workplace visit and an employee super briefing session. The session provides your employees, whether they are NESS Super members or not, with the ideal opportunity to ask any NESS Super or super related questions. Best of all, it’s a great way to keep your employees informed and up-to-date! 

So, why not arrange a workplace or worksite visit today? Please contact Mynas Leontios, NESS Super’s service representative on 0448 432 443 or email at mynasl@neca.asn.au and discuss a suitable time for your employee super briefing session.

Considering a Clearing House solution to meet the new Government SuperStream requirements? NESS Super is here to help… 

With the Government Data and Payment Standard “SuperStream” requirements for employers coming into force over the coming months, employers have started receiving updates from the ATO and have commenced considering their options on how to best meet the new requirements. As a reminder:

  • Medium to large employers (having 20 or more employees) can commence electronic data and payments from 1 July 2014 and must have the new requirements in place by 1 July 2015.
  • Smaller employers (having 19 or less employees) can commence from 1 July 2015 and must have the new requirements in place by 1 July 2016.

NESS Super is offering participating employers a super clearing house solution to help meet the new Government requirements, via the SCH Online facility. 

EmployerAccess dashboard

SCH Online is available now and allows NESS Super participating employers the ability to make payments to multiple per funds (in addition to NESS Super) from a single secure website and is an integrated enhancement of NESS Super’s “EmployerAccess” online payment facility. It’s an efficient and easy way to take the stress out of paying into multiple super funds.

NESS Super is offering participating employers a super clearing house solution to help meet the new Government requirements, via the SCH Online facility. 

In addition, NESS Super participating employers who consider utilising SCH Online for their superannuation payments may also be able to have the applicable SCH Online fees (or a portion of the applicable fees) paid by NESS Super.

In order for NESS Super to consider paying the applicable SCH Online fees, a NESS Super participating employer must: 

  • have 20 or more employees and

  • nominate NESS Super as their employer nominated/default fund and

  • have 50% or more employees as NESS Super members and

  • make either monthly or quarterly superannuation payments to NESS Super and any other super fund. 

If you’re an employer with less than 20 employees, there are no employee contribution fees and only a minimal transaction fee applicable. 

To apply to NESS Super to consider paying the applicable SCH Online fee, please contact Mynas Leontios, NESS Super’s service representative on 0448 432 443 or by email at mynasl@neca.asn.au before you register to use SCH Online. 

It’s super easy to register for SCH Online… 

Existing NESS Super participating employers who are registered and using EmployerAccess to pay super to NESS Super, can simply click on the SCH Online pop-up (see below for example) that appears next time you login to EmployerAccess, in order to register and access the SCH Online facility.

SCH Online pop-up

If you’re a participating NESS Super employer and haven’t yet registered for EmployerAccess, simply click on the EmployerAccess REGISTER link to register for EmployerAccess and SCH Online.


Mynas To find out more about SCH Online and how NESS Super can help you meet the new Government SuperStream requirements for employers, please contact us on 1800 022 067 or contact NESS Super’s service representative, Mynas Leontios on 0448 432 443 or by email to mynasl@neca.asn.au


Don’t forget the Super Guarantee (SG) minimum rate has increased to 9.5% from 1 July 2014. 

It’s important to make sure that you’re paying the right amount to avoid the SG Charge and penalties that may be applied by the Australian Tax Office. So, if you haven’t yet updated your minimum SG payment amount, please update to 9.5% from 9.25%, effective from 1 July 2014.

NESS Super benefits for employers


Chris from JOLT Electrical, a NESS Super employer

  • We make it simple, easy and convenient for employers to administer their employees’ super.
  • Self-Employed contractors or principals of unincorporated partnerships can also join NESS Super. 
  • We are “MySuper” approved and help employers meet the compulsory Superannuation Guarantee and Award obligation.
  • Electronic (online) contribution payment facilities, via EmployerAccess and SCH-Online (Super Clearing House facility, see Clearing House article above), allowing employers to contribute electronically to NESS Super and other super funds through the one secure website. This simplifies the process of providing member data and making super payments, through various electronic payment methods, including BPay.
  • We help employers meet the upcoming Government Data and Payment Standard “SuperStream” requirements.
  • We offer personal, onsite service at your workplace. Our friendly and experienced service centre staff are available to assist you and your employees with your enquiries. 

At NESS Super, we’re here to help…

NESS Super Investments, another super performance!

NESS Super members

Investment Option Crediting rates for 2013/14 financial year
Cash 2.73%
Stable 8.08%
NESS MySuper 12.53%
Property 10.17%
High Growth 17.21%
Australian Shares 17.22%
Overseas Shares 20.38%


NESS Pension members

Investment Option Crediting rates for 2013/14 financial year
Cash 3.13%
Conservative 9.15%
Cautious 12.23%
Moderate 15.55%
Assertive 17.07%
Aggressive 19.01%


NESS Super continues to invest members’ money on a long term basis. The NESS Super Board believes that diversification is essential in the current environment and is investing with this key principle in mind. To this end, NESS Super has diversified its exposure to higher risk assets to include diversifiers to shares such as property, infrastructure and credit securities, which all have the potential to deliver sound long term returns. In addition, we are also keeping a healthy level of cash to maintain the liquidity of the Fund. We believe that over the long term, this strategy will provide members with sound returns.

The performance of the investment options is not guaranteed. The value will vary as it is based on the performance of the assets underlying each investment option. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

REMINDER: Receive our future EmployerNews via email…

Don’t forget to make sure your business email address with NESS Super is up-to-date, as we have commenced sending our regular communication electronically. You’ll be able to stay in touch and receive future communication electronically.

Reducing the amount of printed material not only keeps printing costs down (which means more money goes to NESS Super members’ accounts), but also helps save the environment.

So, if your business email has changed or you haven’t updated it recently, please login to EmployerAccess by clicking here and update your email address online. Alternatively, please contact us on 1800 022 067.